10 Happy Things Vol. 3

May 18, 2016
  1. The whole one week off work! Months ago, my mom and I talked about visiting Philippines again to take care of some important things, but! We’ve discovered that we didn’t really have to be in the country in order for the said things to be taken care of. Months ago, I asked for a week and a half off  for the month of May because we thought it’d be a great time and my boss accommodated. Now that it was cancelled, I decided not to cancel my vacation request and move along with it! It was refreshing to not have to worry about adulting stuff for a week! Now, what did I do for the whole week that I was off? NOTHING! And it was phenomenal.
  2. I used my time off to fulfill my dream of becoming a hibernating bear. I literally stayed at home most of the time, binging on Parks and Recreation (best show ever).
  3. Just kidding, my brother and I went park-hopping and took advantage of the fact that it’s finally sunny here in Michigan.
  4. Boom Chicka Puff made me happy as well.
  5. The fact that I’m successfully getting tanned. Naturally.
  6. The kate spade initial locket I finally got!
  7. Things working out… even in the ways I never expect them to.
  8. T-minus two weeks before we get to see The Killers live in Canada.
  9. My dog Wolfgang. I mean, he always makes me happy with his handsome ol self.
  10. Parks and Recreation. Although, finishing it created a gaping hole in my chest… but it still made me happy because for once, I was able to finish a good show without getting annoyed at the characters.
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