January 11, 2013

Gosh, it’s been eleven days since New Year!

  • 50 Degrees Fahrenheit outside today! Lovin’ it. It’s not gonna last all week tho. You know Michigan and its attitude problems.
  • Obviously, I’m still doing a fucking walkathon every MWF.
  • Finally bumped into Matthew today!
  • Did some groceries with my brothers today.
  • I sorta officially hired my older brother as my life coach. DIET LIFE coach.
  • I know, you’re probably gonna be all like, shit, you’re fit! Diet for what?!
  • I’m between 5’3 and 5’4 and I’m basing everything on my BMI. My goal is to go back to 115. I’m currently 123.
  • Went to work.
  • Obviously loved every second of it. I know it’s pretty annoying hearing about someone loving their work place… so yea, stay ANNOYED.
  • Caught up on some text reading.
  • Working the whole weekend.
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