January 3, 2013
  • Went to bed at 4am.
  • Mom woke me up because her favorite kitchen knife was missing. -_-
  • Decided to do some online shopping. I finally ordered my 2013 Star Wars Moleskine weekly planner.
  • Napped for two hours.
  • Les Mis soundtrack on Spotify all day.
  • Worked. It was bananas!!!
  • Talked with Chris over the phone. We were quiet most of the time, he was trying to figure out how to make his new tablet work while I was reading the latest showbiz gossips online. The funniest part was that he [unknowingly] said his credit card info out loud to me while he was making a purchase. He was all like, “Oh my gosh Duaney, I just told you my credit card info!” And then I was like, “Well, shit if I was paying attention, I would’ve went to the Gucci website and bought me a purse!”
  • Currently: Listening to Boys Like Girls’ Stuck in the Middle and net surfing.
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