On that Tasty bandwagon tho.

January 19, 2016



Are you guys familiar with Tasty? You know, those little addicting-to-watch videos on how to make… food? Hahaha! Well, I’m here, admitting that I am one of those hooked people. After all, the first step in fixing the problem is admitting that you have a problem. Am-I-rite? I just cannot stop watching them!

Anyways, for someone who has a quote, unquote problem, I’m not so bad because it’s only recently that I decided to finally cave and try one of the doable ones. I’m no slouch when it comes to the kitchen (hey, no shame in my game. Babygirl can cook!), so why not take a chance and try one of those cute-sy recipes they upload, right? (Their obsessive use of dough-in-a-can bothers me though. Just a little bit!)

Here’s the video that inspired me!

And here’s what I did.

VSCO Cam-4VSCO Cam-5VSCO Cam-3VSCO Cam-2VSCO Cam-1

I have to say… not too shabby! I did, however went a little nuts on the Italian spice and skipped paprika for chili powder instead!

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