10 Happy Things Vol. 1

April 3, 2016


Here are the 10 things that made me slap-happy last week (I guess I’m supposed to do this on Fridays, but I couldn’t wait to get new content in so I’m starting this right now)!

  1. The big fat serving of cheese fries from Kerby’s and Oreo milkshake from Dairy Queen that I had for lunch. It’s so unlawful, it’s right.
  2. Rediscovering my love for blogging again. I lost it more than once (evidently, I mean look at the lackluster of postsssss) and I’m slowly creeping my way through. I just have to not think about it as a chore or a burden lol.
  3. My dog being the cutest thing on Earth. C’mon son.
  4. The heart-to-heart talk that I had with my mother this morning about finding my soulmate.
  5. The fact that it was my weekend off from work!
  6. Seeing Zootopia with my Chrissy. And laughing till our cheeks and stomachs lost their feelings.
  7. Purchasing a new addition to my growing journal collection from kate spade. I had to, okay?
  8. Movie night with my brothers two nights ago. I finally saw AntMan. New Marvel favorite, my friends.
  9. Snapchat has been my go-to social media lately and I’m just loving that I get to post and be silly without minding the aesthetic I’m going for (looking at you insta and FB!) On insta, I like to pretend that I’m artsy and on Facebook, I like to pretend that I couldn’t care less. Hahahahaha. On Snapchat, it’s more like, take me as I am!!! Puppy filters and all.
  10. So excited because my brothers and I might go to Canada to see The Killers live!
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