A Friendly Reminder

August 9, 2016


No matter what lengths you go through, how deep you delved, how low you’ve stooped to help someone, it’s all worthless unless they pull themselves up by the bootstraps and decide to help themselves.

Don’t think for a second that what you did was all in vain because you didn’t get the outcome that you hopedĀ for. Or, you’re not getting the pat on the back for doing something so out of your comfort zone… Because by doing so, you’ve also helped yourself.

You’ve also helped yourself realize that sometimes, we’re not always the answer, we’re not always the superhero and we can’t always be our friends’ MacGyver… We can’t un-break their hearts, we can’t cry their sorrows and we can’t fix it all for them. It’s a tough pill to swallow that our roles are more-often-than-not limited. We can only commend ourselves for trying… or for thinking for one second that we can make it all go away.

The best thing you can really do is to just stay silent for now…. and when they’re ready to pick themselves up, be available, listen and try not to punch them in the face (kidding).

And also, pray to God that that day comes… because sometimes, it just doesn’t.

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