About a Girl

I recently found out that I am what you call an ambivert. I reside somewhere in between introversion and extroversion. I like and dislike people all at once. I’m pretty much a map that still needs to be explored and a journey that’ll take an eternity to conquer. I’m ever-changing and steady at the same time. But I’m here, happy about everything in life, contented and also, always relentlessly searching for meaning.

Here is where I will overshare or not-share-at-all… it all depends on my mood. But hey, I paid for this space, might as well fill it with particles and molecules of things that excite me. I’m neither this, nor that. I hate to say it, but I’m always in between. The thought of being a constant representation of a concrete thing dries my throat.

instagram // duaneisbored
twitter // mercelleduane
snapchat // duaneyjay
email // duanemercelle @ gmail

April 3, 2016