Alone no more.

October 23, 2012

Matthew: But I’m not like other students who can you know, absorb the lesson in just one sitting, in one lecture session. Most of the time, I find myself trying so hard to soak up everything all by myself. It got frustrating that it came to a point wherein I felt incompetent and stupid. Like, why can’t I be like others?
Me: I know exactly how you feel! There were times when I felt really stupid, like, okay, they got what the prof is saying, but what about me? What does that say about me?
Matthew: Right?! But you know, studying Psychology helped me realize that people learn differently. Some people just cannot grasp everything in one snap, but that doesn’t have anything to do with stupidity and incompetence… it’s just how our brains were made.
Me: I know, for a long time, I was in a dark place… finding myself struggling every single time. I even thought that I had ADD. But, yea it’s nice to know that I’m not alone you know?
Matthew: You do not have ADD. Trust me. My mom and my sister has that, and yes, I can tell right off the bat that you don’t have ADD.
Me: I don’t know… I even went to GNC looking for Gingko supplements to help my brain and shit. I’m a total hypochondriac haha
Matthew: no, You’re fine. We’re just not like some people.

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