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April 22, 2016


Because I feel like I’m such a beauty connoisseur that I need to post whatever stuff I slather onto my skin for your consumption. Just kidding! Hahahaha. I just really have nothing else to post, so might as well share a little more about myself. Here are my favorite beauty tools!

  1. CETAPHIL PRODUCTS are hands down my most beloved skin product for life. It’s pure (well, sorta), it smells clean and it does its job just fine. I love the cleanser the most as it is the most gentle one I’ve tried! I do have quite a sensitive skin and this one just takes care of me in the best possible way. I use the moisturizing cream for mi fez after the cleanser (in the morning and before bedtime) they always go hand in hand! I have tried to venture out a couple of times. I’ve tried Ole Henriksen’s stuff (his products are! But super expensive!), I’ve tried Josie Maran’s Argan Oil (which broke me out in the worst way! Weird because it is 100% pure Argan Oil!! Maybe my face isn’t just about that hippy life) and other drugstore products, but I always find myself coming back to my one and only. Also, the moisturizing lotion is my ultimate weapon against ashy legs and feet! It does what it actually says and I don’t find myself feeling the need for reapplication because it lasts all day long!
  2. NEUTROGENA OIL-FREE ACNE WASH I use this and Cetaphil cleanser interchangeably. I noticed that while Cetaphil cleanser does what it needs to as far as cleansing my face, I still need something to help prevent my face from being excessively oily (like it’s nobody’s business. Swear, I feel like I can provide oil for the whole world with my face alone). I also use this more when I feel like I’m about to have my monthly visitor to prevent acne growth around my chin area, especially. I also use this on my décolletage area when showering. Also, I love the smell!!
  3. GLOSSIER COCONUT BALM DOTCOM Let me just get this out of my chest. This is the most money I will ever spend on a flippin lip balm. Guys, it’s no joke how expensive it is, but this tube of magic works wonders! I have self-diagnosed myself with chronic chapped lips (lol) which means I’ve tried every lip balm there is out there. I think, if you calculate all the dineros I’ve spent on lipbalms alone, I’ll have enough to buy you and your neighbor boxes and boxes of Krispy Kremes (okay, maybe not. BUT IT FEELS LIKE ITTTTT). So learning about this newly-launched skin care line, I thought, well, why not give this a shot. This is probably the answer to my late night problems (my lips misbehave so bad that it wakes me up in the middle of the night to slather some balm on it). Needless to say, I no longer have to wake up at night to re-apply. So this now my new bestie. AND IT SMELLS LIKE FRESHLY CRUSHED COCONUT!!
  4. BURT’S BEES MANGO MOISTURIZING LIP BALM this was my fave until Glossier kicked it out. Just kidding! This is one of the few balms that I’m more than compatible with. I still have this in my arsenal just in case I forget my number 1 bae.
  5. PHILOSOPHY FRESH CREAM LOTION I got this one as a birthday gift from my boss. I love the scent of it so much and how lightweight and moisturizing it is at the same time. I have the 240 ml bottle sitting in my handbag all the time (which makes my handbag heavy) because my hands are almost always dry especially at work. I love how it soothes and calms me down after I give my hands a quick massage with it. Also, you’ll never know when you have that friend with ashy legs! They’ll need some Fresh Cream for sure! Hahaha!
  6.  PAUL MITCHELL LEMON & SAGE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER This the best-smelling shampoo and conditioner ever! I don’t know if you know this, but my favorite scent is Lemon-citrus-Verbena induced stuff. And this shampoo and conditioner remind me of my Henri Bendel Mandarin Verbena perfume from Bath & Body Works (it’s discontinued now). Judging on its effectiveness, I guess it works, but I wouldn’t really know as I myself, already have a thick head of hair. I just really love these because of the scent!
  7. PAUL MITCHELL SUPER SKINNY SERUM I lather this onto my damp hair before blowdrying. I swear, it will make your mane look like you just came straight outta Compton salon. Especially when I get too lazy to braid or beach wave my hair, I would just slap this bad boy onto my wet hair, blow-dry and call it a day. Easy peasy.
  8. NOT YOUR MOTHER’S HAIR PRODUCTS They have the best (affordable) dry shampoo! It doesn’t leave a white residue and it gives my hair the right body and volume. I don’t really go three days without washing my hair (that’s just nasty), I wash my hair every other day, to avoid drying my scalp. As for the Sea Salt Spray? Boy, this is magic in bottle! I love that it gives my hair mad textures and character when I spray it onto my freshly blow-dried hair or beach-waved hair. It really does give you that I-just-emerged-from-the-ocean vibe. It’s so worth a try!

Well this was fun! Maybe I’ll do a makeup one next? Who knows when I’ll have the same energy to compose another long entry? Hahahah!


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