Best trip of the year 2013… so far!

June 4, 2013
  • Chrissy and I woke up at 7am and then left for Ohio at 8:15
  • Stopped by Mc Donald’s to grab some breakfast essentials lol.
  • Karen, his GPS had us in circles going to the right freeway.
  • As per usual, the drive was filled with jam sesh and tons of laughter.
  • After 2 hours and 45 minutes, we reached our destination. The weather was a little bit chilly and windy, but it was better than dehydrating, sweltering heat.
  • However, my forgetting to bring the sun block didn’t do me so well, as I am now burnt and red.
  • We rode the newest roller coaster ride, The Gate Keeper first. Oh lord. Intense, I say. We had to wait 90 minutes for that big shit.
  • And then we also waited about 90 minutes also for The Maverick, another intense one.
  • My biggest fear was the Wicked Twister. It is after all, the tallest and fastest inverted roller coaster in the world.
  • Chris and I skipped a lot of the more extreme daredevil rides. We swear that we should be able to check all of the rides off next time we go there.
  • We rode the MaxAir a record of three times! and The Wind Seeker twice!
  • Do I need to say that there were a ton of cuties?!!! 
  • And that I’m glad I went with Chrissy because there wasn’t a way for me to chicken-out. He made sure that I was gonna be alright, and he was really good at calming my nerves while were standing in line for the Wicked Twister lol.
  • Food there was super pricy holy shit.
  • BUT the bathrooms were all maintained and 100 % clean. Which is why there isn’t a doubt that Cedar Point is dubbed as the Roller Coaster Capital and Best Amusement Park in the World. 
  • The ride operators were super funny and friendly too! LOL RIDE ON!
  • We were there from 11 am to 8:30ish having the time of our lives and conquering fears!
  • And then going home we jammed again and had Krispy Kreme drive thru to cap our night.
  • Once I got home, I hauled my ass to the showers and then went straight to bed. Usually, I’d take my time uploading pictures on Facebook and on here, but I had to just leave it for today. That’s how tired I was!
  • Naturally, I woke up with body pains, bruises and lobster skin lol.
  • Nevertheless, to say that I had the time of my life is and understatement.
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