Day vs. Night

May 14, 2013

After nine glorious days of day off/paid vacation, I am strutting my way back to L&T today. I’m not really sure how I feel about going back to work after what seemed like an eternity of a sabbatical, but I’m pretty excited to see my people again. My comeback is sort of paradoxical in a funny manner though; Today marks the end of my week-off, and today marks the day of my being an honorary full-timer.

During the last few days of my vacation, my GM phoned me and shared with me the good news. Finally, I will be moved to the day part-time position, vs. the night part-timer that I was. In addition to that, she will make sure that she will give me first dibs on hours whenever there is an availability. I’m really thankful to her for considering me and for granting my wish to step out of the night part-time for the summer. Mind you, she doesn’t tweak the shifts for no one; considering the fact that I only want to be a day part-timer during the summer (because of school) and then go back to being a night part-timer in the Fall and her, allowing me to do it is a big thing. Also, I believe that my hard work and accountability has a lot to do with her considering my request, so I’m really happy.

It’s true what they say people, when you work hard and you’re nice to everyone, you’ll get somewhere. Even if its something as small as having your shift changed. HAHA.

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