Every time I finish a long-ass Homework, I staple it,

September 21, 2012

sit it on my table and then I point my finger to it and say, “YEA BITCH! FUCK YOU!" 

I know it sounds insane and probably borderline psycho, but I just noticed that it has become my celebratory thingy majiggy [or victory chant] every time I finish my Homeworks. It makes me feel good  after! I feel all the more victorious when I do that! I mean, if it feels good, it really shouldn’t matter if it’s accepted by society or not right? Anyway, I always make sure that I’m alone every time I do my new way of celebrating. So… nobody really knows but you guys. hehe hehe he. 

FIle this under: Dat Shit Cray Tho.

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