Happy First Day of Summer, America.

June 20, 2016

Looking back at my old posts (ones dated years and years ago), I realized how much I’ve grown from that over-eager blogger who couldn’t wait to get home to document my daily shenanigans to the 80-year-old woman that I am now who wants nothing to do after work but to turn the TV on to Dateline and fall asleep slowly to the sound of Keith Morrison’s terrifying narrations of mindless crime. (wow, longest sentence ever or longest sentence ever?)

It makes me a little sad that I no longer have that kind of fire about (over) sharing anymore, but at the same time, I’m happy because it’s one “responsibility” off of my plate lol ?

Now, I’m mostly blogging about things that I really want to remember… things that mean the most to me.

Like today, the first day of summer 2016 and what I did to celebrate it.

  • Slept in like it’s nobody’s business. (Sleeping in now is waking up at 9am whereas five years ago it was 11:30am)
  • Quick errands with my mama and brother. Also, Wolfgang.
  • Re-watched Me, Earl and the Dying girl.
  • Took a nap because I’m an unstoppable force.
  • Drew woke me up and invited me to join him for a quick jog.
  • Ran two laps (I’m a lil dusty) against the wind, under the summer heat and loved every second of it. (If we’re talking about my old self five years ago, you wouldn’t spot me anywhere under the sun because the old me hated getting tans and sweating. I avoided those two like a plague during summer)
  • I drove us home, took the scenic route while blasting One Direction with our windows down, shamelessly.

I can’t wait to see what else is in store this season, but I’m hoping that there’ll be more moments spent outside with the people I love. I was almost disappointed when I started falling asleep earlier because I thought I was just going to let the summer solstice pass by without basking in its heat. Good thing I have a health-conscious brother who bothered to wake me up to go outside and run.

So yes that was basically how my day went.

Duaney out.✌?️

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