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October 31, 2015

I guess I don’t really have to make it clear how busy I’ve been these past few days, hence the lackluster of hefty posts (bleh who cares tho). Work is slowly but surely taking the front seat of my life whilst my blogging and reading (sure) and other hobbies are in chilling in the back burner… I love it though, payday’s a great day when it happens. While I’ve been gone from the blogosphere for a hot minute, I do have to admit that I never stopped thinking about what to write next. I’ve got plenty ideas to fill my lil internet space… I think. Haha.

Well I’ve also been meaning to add to my Time in the Philippines page so I could be done with… I guess that could wait a little bit. I still got the my memory intact so I’m not too worried about not being able to fill it asap (here is where the downward spiral of sheer laziness begin… it will never get done lol). But yes, it will get done. I digress.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling uninspired lately and it’s not exactly a place I want to be in. I always want to feel thirsty and hungry for things and lately it hasn’t been happening… I don’t like not feeling creative, not being in the mood of creating or exploring something (be it a book or a new hobby or a new gadget). Well I guess, we can’t really control how we feel sometimes, how irrational it may even sound… sometimes, we can’t really help when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed and whatnot… we can control how we want to perceive an object or a situation, but it’s our feelings that’s a little difficult to teach. I mean I could tell myself that the phase that I’m currently going through happens to the best of us, but it doesn’t necessarily make me feel any better about it. It just makes me aware that I’m not the only one who goes through it (namesayin’?).

So hopefully, somebody hits the back of my head for a restart so I could feel inspired and motivated to do more (hopefully it’s not a painful process haha). So that’s where I’m at right now, on a chilly and rainy Halloween night.

How are you doing?

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