Honestly, I’m sick of it.

June 9, 2013

I’ve been doing nothing but unfollowing all the people here on Tumblr that’s been complaining about how deep in debt they’re gonna be by the time they graduate.

I have one thing to say to that, “DUH!!!!” I know, it’s hella twisted because you are definitely gonna be in debt by the time you graduate and would possibly be spending your life paying back student loans and shit. But guess what?!! THE THING IS, YOU HAVE A FUCKIN’ COLLEGE DIPLOMA. That’s one thing that no amount of money could ever buy you shitheads.

Sure, education ain’t supposed to cost this much, but what the hell, then don’t go to college! Sign up for one of those stupid reality shows and make millions! Good luck! The other thing is, you guys are in fuckin’ America. Rich or poor, you can go to college! You can go to any universities that you want as long as you study hard! In third world countries, if you are poor, you get nothing. NOTHING. Unless you win the lottery or get a Cinderella-story-ending. I can’t help but accuse these whiny-ass people of being spoiled-rotten. Just be thankful that you have at least a window of opportunity to earn a college diploma. Like I said, other countries’ governments do not have the Pell Grant or even fuckin’ FAFSA to help those who are really desperate to make something out of themselves. 

Going to college here (if you are below the poverty line, even middle class people! Basically, if you are not rich and shit) is a gamble. You know you are gonna get buried in debt one way or another, it’s inevitable. It’s all up to you if you are gonna make everything worth every dime, every penny. Fuckers.

I rest my case.

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