How did I live 21 and a half years without my best friend?

February 6, 2013

Today, I had to call in sick [and I never call in sick!!] because duh, I’m feeling all kinds of crap today. I couldn’t even talk because of my burning throat [not literally, though]. Anyways I slept most of the day away. Occasionally, I would be awaken by some unknown entity and then I’d watch Dateline. Then fall back asleep again. Same cycle the whole day today. I’m supposed to be studying for my Health Psych test on Friday, but I just couldn’t force myself to crack my book open. It’s hard.

So laid around and only got out of the bed to get me some pizza and lemon water, to go the bathroom and of course open my laptop and crank spotify stations.

And then Chris gave me a call. He made me laugh so much that I almost choked on my own phlegm. We talked about boys [particularly the boy that stood me up] and the Ohioan boy that he’s currently into. Basically, he made me feel better in all ways. 

Duaney, remember this, there isn’t a smart boy in the world that would stood you up and make you feel like you do not matter. You are a beautiful woman and I’m sorry that you had to experience shit like that, ya know?

So I think I’m officially over that dark point in my life. Thanks to my best friend for opening my eyes. For one moment I thought that maybe, you know, it was my fault [even if there isn’t a coherent support to that claim]. He just told me to be there and wait.. but I did not receive a text.. no phone call. Nothing. I found it hard to understand, but I guess it only took a certain Chris to let me know that smart people do not do things as such. So I guess, everything’s good in da hood now.

Oh, and can I just share that constantly drinking hot water with lemon and honey helps a whole lot? Like, Vick’s dayquil/nyquil isn’t even necessary for a cold anymore [well, to me. It’s still depends on the person] or any drug store remedy for that matter. Just keep sippin’ and chuggin’ citrusy stuff. I’m sure everyone knows about that already. But, knowing that America is the most medicated country in the world, I figured that I should try to be one of the few outliers in this country to go ahead try other alternatives. It’s working out well for me jsyk.

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