I finished Eleanor & Park in two days.

June 8, 2013

Honestly, I don’t know anything else there is to feel about the book, except it was really cute and uh, I suck at book reviews, I wish I could use a different word for it… I can only come up with “very good.” Jon Keating would kill me for using “very good” in describing something spectacular. It was sad, heart-breaking, annoying (Thank you, Sabrina, Eleanor’s dumb mother) and super heart-warming (I have you to thank, Park).

I highly recommend it. I’m also thankful to Rainbow Howell for writing such a good book and for reviving the bookworm in me. I am more than pumped to read a new book. This time, I have my eyes on David Levithan’s Lover’s Dictionary. I will have my brother pick up the book for me tomorrow at Barnes and Noble when he gets off work.

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