I’m having the best day SCRATCH THAT, BEST LIFE ever. I just got a 95/100 on my Racial and Ethnics Class oral exam

April 23, 2013

You all know how hard oral exams are as opposed to multiple choice and on paper type of exam right? Ya don’t have any As, Bs or Cs to kind of choose from? And you really don’t know what question you’re gonna get and you have to elaborate your answer and etc? Well, I think I have every right to boast that I killed it. I know it’s kind of obnoxious, but I kind of don’t caaare. I’m so happy!!!

I was so sweaty and nervous when I got to class this afternoon.  Hoping that I at least get a passing grade. I gotta say my thanks to St. Jude (the patron saint of impossible). I prayed so hard to him last night. BUT I also studied. Hard.

As they say, Faith without works is dead. So ya gotta put in work and have faith.

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