I’m incredibly happy about my life right now.

March 4, 2013

I’m sitting here in the student lounge just thinking how awesome my life is right now. I’m happy that I have the best family, the best friends, the best co-workers and a good workplace. Also I’m happy that there is Starbucks.

Let me make a couple of things clear, tho.

I’m not a millionaire, not rich either, I don’t have a mansion, I don’t have all the latest gadgets, I don’t have boyS.

I have personal issues, problems, worries, anxieties, pet peeves and I dislike about 10 million things about this world.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be happy with what I have. I have a fuckin good life regardless of that. I can close both my eyes at night with peace burning inside my heart. I can go and face people and not hold back. I am what I am an I’m never gonna be ashamed of anything that makes me, me! I don’t think that a positive outlook in life is possible without being surrounded by the best souls in the world. I’m inspired everyday because of these people… They inspire me to be better and seek beauty in every form.

Also, I’m thankful to God for sending me his angels in the form of these incredible people. I’m just overflowing with joy upon realizing this. I hope you can feel what I feel right now you guys. It’s the best feeling in the world.

I know this is kinda annoying because I’m just beaming with a thousand bolt of positivity, but I don’t care. Why should I hold back when I’m feeling this amazing?

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