I’m so awkward. So, so awkward.

January 23, 2013

I don’t even know how to take compliments. More often than not, I find myself either asking people what’s wrong with them or telling them to stop coz they’re making me blush. I mean how difficult is it to say “Thank you?” right? I don’t know, maybe deep inside my silly jokes and whatnot, lies a girl with a below-average self esteem.

Anyways, enough about that shallow shit. Here’s how my day went. CUE IN THE BULLETS.

  • Woke up early. Thanks mom. -_-
  • Work called me to ask if I could pick up the Thursday shift. Which of course, I enthusiastically agreed to. Then I also asked if they need me to come in early today simply because I know that I’m just gonna be bored at home all day.
  • So I came in at 1pm instead of 6pm.
  • Aaron told my co-workers that they are not gonna be bored anymore because he magicked me that’s why I am coming in earlier than 6. Seriously boss? What am I a circus show? And that my main purpose in life is to entertain the boredzz? Hey, I don’t mind. ;p
  • Work was really slow today so I guess they really needed me there. I’m happy because I did shower them with some of my sunshinessssz. I’m so aware of that.
  • Okay, I know it’s kind of irrelevant, but my biggest crush called me “baby” today :“) WHAT THE WHAAAAAT?!! My life is made people. My purpose is served. I can die happy now.
  • So happy to hear that Cody [remember him? If you’ve been following my blog for so-so years, I’m sure you would] is now based in San Fran and is engaged!! NEWSFLASH, NOT TO ME.  waaah-wah. I know, I got issues.
  • Trying to figure out how I’m gonna survive my 10-minute walks to class tomorrow. I have to be sure to bundle up and make use of my gigantic Uggs. I gotta make a post-it note for that so I don’t forget tomorrow morning when planning which outfit to wear.
  • Shower and going to bed early tonight.
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