I’m such a tomboy.

April 30, 2013

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and look for my penis. LOL I jest, I jest.

I know it’s pretty obvious that I am indeed a one-of-the-boys type of chick. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t play the other team (aka a gaygirl), you can’t even call me an actual lesbo because I can’t even stand girls sometimes… not that there’s something wrong with being a gaygirl, but I’m just saying that I’m not.

I do however, dress a lot like a girly-girl most of the time, but don’t get me wrong, I can knot my long skirt and get down and dirty whenever needed. Looking back, I’ve had my fair share of barbie dolls and paper dolls. But mostly enjoyed BB guns and basketball and teks way more. Also, let’s not leave out the fact that I’m the only girl in the fambam inc. I’m pretty sure, growing up with boys made me… let’s say a little bit sadistic. I get a lot of complaints from different people; saying how such a small person like myself could inflict so much physical pain on people who are actually bigger than I am. (read: I’m really not one to mess with ha-ha)

I guess it does have its perks, being boyish and shit. You could totally hang with the coolest guys and be your complete self. The downside is that, I lack connection with other girls. Sometimes I just find myself dumbfounded when they bring up reality TV shits that I couldn’t relate to or the nail parlor terminologies whateverthefuck. It’s just not my thing. I always get the confused look when I ask something so trivial such as, “what’s a gel nail polish?” and “does it hurt when you peel off the fake nail?”

Just kill me.

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