Impending hiatus?

March 16, 2013

NOPE. I’m gonna keep this as alive as much as I possibly can. Midterms and work and friendship obligations are currently eating me up. Getting caught in a web of earthly demands definitely exhausts my tiny body. I’m very exhausted right now from both school and work and I’m just lucky that I found an ample amount of time to write about what’s currently up in this bitch.

  • I got more hours at work. Officially. I think I already posted about it, but I just wanna be redundant and say it again. I got more hours at work . Officially. LOL. Hard work does pay off and i’m incredibly blessed to have more hours. There may have been times when I dread going to work simply because of laziness, though, but I love it and definitely cannot afford Starbucks without it. LOL
  • My mom bought me five pairs of Buffalo ankle-grazers a couple of days ago yo! I think I have to write that she also got me an oxblood pair of pants. MY MOMMIO KNOWS ME TOO DAMN WELL. I’m obsessed with the color oxblood (oxygenated blood) ever since I can even remember. That color goes with everything! 
  • Last week Kaitlyn (psychology classmate, not my co-worker Kaitlyn) and I performed a skit infront of the class.  EVERY SOUL IN MY LIFE KNOWS THAT I LOATHE SPEAKING INFRONT OF PEOPLE LET ALONE PERFORM A STUPID SKIT. Kaitlyn and I didn’t have a script so we basically did wing everything. I threw in a couple of sarcastic remarks and some mean girls quote, and voila! Everyone, including my professor laughed and appreciated our skit. We did something about the negative effects of alcohol abuse btw. I was her work manager and she was the drunkard. Naturally, the duo who performed after us totally copied my idea and did a Mean Girls impression too.
  • A guy named Steve stopped me just to talk about my red headphones. Typically, when my headphones are on, it means, LEAVE ME ALONE. But, he insisted that I take off my headphones and conversate with him. We went from my headphones to Justin Timberlake, to research work in Psychology to lawn mowing and to God only knows. Oh, name-exchanging. And then ended with, “See ya around!” The relevance of this story? I’m talking to strangers now, yo. I used to feel like I’m too good fo that. LOL. JK.
  • So many spontaneous lunches and dates going on in my life right now, it’s insane. Next week I think I owe Matthew another sushi date. I think it’s been weeks since we last saw each other. Totally unacceptable. We definitely need to catch up on gossips over Edamame and Eel sushi.
  • School is almost over!! The much-anticipated sabbatical is within a month! Cannot wait.

I think I’ve just about covered everything that I feel’s important in my life right now… Gotta go and catch JT’s last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon… So, bon soir!

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