Life in bullet points

April 19, 2016
  • The tree outside our house is now blossoming with flowers. It gives me so much joy.
  • Love the fact that it’s finally warm out! I cannot wait to be dark again. Haha.
  • Already giggling at the fact that it’s summer again which means, new adventures await.
  • Thinking of dyeing my hair a lighter brown again. Idk.
  • Excited about the new stuff at work. I like the challenge! <3
  • Love that I get to discover everyday how deeply adored and loved I am. My chest is about to explode.
  • Also, I’m really excited to run with my brothers again.
  • I sense a closet purge in the future? I have way too much clothes that I don’t even know exists.
  • I’m pretty confident that I’m getting dumber and dumber by the day. I need to read again. No excuses. LOL
  • No spice in life as of late, maybe a little inspiration from a book can turn it around.
  • CURRENT JAM? Don’t leave me now by The Apache Relay Listen to it!
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