Life luuuh me.

March 31, 2013
  • So a couple of days ago I won a $5 gift card to Sweet Lorraine’s Mac N Cheez right? and I lost it. I got so upset that I even went through our trash to find it. READ: IT WAS HORRIBLE. Then I finally gave up.
  • I stopped in at work today [on my day-off] because my brothers were there shopping… so, tell me why Kelly told me that they found the gift card that I won. LOL. $5 may not seem like a big deal to others, but we are talking about the giant cheesburger mac n cheese that I could’ve gotten [and now that I found it, that giant cheeseburger mac n cheese and I will reunite]. It’s kinda funny thinking how I lost the gift card and then it turns out, I didn’t even lose it!!
  • I have the weekend off so, naturally I dodged the crazy pre-Easter sale going on at work. I dodged the retail craziness. Mall was packed as hell.
  • Everyone in the store was just so warm to me when I got there. Especially Kelly.
  • Before going to the mall, I watched a marathon of Kim and Kourtney Take Miami, my guilty pleasure and then Spongebob marathon after.
  • Before that, I cleaned the bathroom and the rest of the house while blasting I Dreamed a Dream lol.
  • Before that, I woke up from a 9-hour sleep. 
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