Life these days. Part DEUX.

October 22, 2012
  • Really find it annoying when friends get mad when I don’t answer NIGHTLY phone calls. Some people [my friends and family included] need to understand that someone [aka DUANE] isn’t for nightly, endless, sometimes pointless blabbing and yapping. [Lastly] For reals though, I just like having the whole evening to myself. I feel like I’ve already exhaust myself enough during the day. I just want to be alone and I need to feel that I still have that right… that time and space away from the human race. MY GOD THAT RHYMES! REASON#2322344566433107080809 why I can’t and don’t have a boyfriend. 
  • I’m hooked on American Horror Story: Asylum. How good is Evan Peters?! I feel like I cannot stress enough how much I love him. And the whole ensemble of course.
  • Really having a hard time dealing with people. I know that it should come pseudo-natural for me to go with the flow when it comes to people in general, because I study Psychology, but my GOLLY, sometimes I just wanna grab them by the neck and bitch slap them two, maybe three thousand times. I may appear to be always calm and collected, but the hell, if you take a really, really deep look inside of me, I’m pretty sure you’ll see a healthy amount of magma, molten rocks, lava whathaveyou inside my tiny body. I feel like I might just burst anytime soon if people do not stop pushing my buttons. They have to understand, I’M A GENIE IN A BOTTLE BABY, GOTTA RUB ME IN THE RIGHT WAY HON-EH. LMAO, just kidding, I know and I’m deeply aware that some people really love to rock the boat and I just have to understand that you know, different folks have different strokes and that most of the time, they will not conform. It is what it is. I just have to remember to always keep myself in check. Patience is key in surviving this world.
  • AnyFUCKINGway, Plans for the week include: going to a corn maze with Chris and Court-court.
  • Last night’s SNL episode was the shit. BRUNO MARS CAN’T DO NO WRONG. He’s the ultimate package. Everyone else in the music industry [mainstream] are more than welcome to eat dirt.
  • Busy week for school.

Sorry for the incessant blow of rants and dirty words. Sorry I’m not sorry.

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