Love everywhere.

June 23, 2013

Nothing’s new. WOW.

It’s just that I feel so lucky and blessed to be loved by my family (duh) and my co-workers. I know I almost always post about how my life at work is always beyond coolio because I feel so loved over there, but I’m sorry… I’m not sorry. I will never get tired of raving and writing and boasting (even) of every ounce of love that I get from that place on a daily basis.

I thank God everyday for surrounding me with great people. One can only imagine how many moms, sistahs and brothers I have in that place. Everyone’s my family. 

I will never get tired of testifying; that if you are always filled with happy and good thoughts, you’re always seeing the positive side of everything, you’re always ever so patient and understanding, you will attract love and respect from peers. I swear by it. Coz really, that’s all there is to it. In short, I love my life because of them and also because of me.

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