March Favorites

April 5, 2016



  • LARABAR these bars are a lifesaver whenever hunger strikes (in my case, every hour)! It’s all-natural, it’s just the right amount of food to get you through. The fact that it’s ALL REAL FOOD and no preservatives, it’s Fair Trade Certified and sorta-kinda-delish-but-that’s-okay-because-all natural-stuff-don’t-necessarily-taste-the-best kind of deal. I keep a bar in my bag all the time. My favorite flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough!
  • CLEAN & CLEAR PERSA GEL this, my friends is sorcery in a tube. I cannot stress enough how magical this tube of gold is! I don’t break out a lot (thank God!), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I have a clear canvas of skin all the time. Every time my favorite aunt (aunt Flo’ for you noobs) is about to visit, I always spot a growth either on my chin or nose a few days prior. It’s come to a point where I’ve already accepted that every month, my chin and or my nose will be sore as heck. Well, that changed when I found out about clean & clear persa gel! Every time I feel or suspect a pimple growth (trust me you’d know), I dab this little witchcraft onto the spot before going to bed and voila, no El pimples! Hahaha! It works great even when you dab it onto a newborn pimple! It will sting a little bit, but trust me it’ll dry it out in a couple of hours and will leave no scar!
  • TOO FACED BULLETPROOF BROWS has got to be my ultimate favorite eyebrow product to date! It gives off the brow-look  you desire (be it super structured or natural-looking) and it’s long-lasting! It’s a little bit on the pricy side, but it’s totally ace! The clay-like texture of the product will def scare you at first, but if you know how to work with your brush (it comes with it!), you’re golden. I definitely worship this product! (I ditched my benefit Gimme brow for it!)
  • KATE SPADE LOVE LIST HEART AND ARROW STACKABLE RINGS I recently started getting obsessed with wearing copious amounts of rings! So when this baby got returned to our store, I knew I had to have it! It was my size too! I don’t stack the two, I like the dainty look they give off when I wear them separately. I can’t wait to accessorize all of my ten fingers (I’m kidding. But seriously though)
  • SNAPCHAT need I say more? It’s where I could totally be 100% and not worry about what VSCO filter I should use! I’m actually loving it more than I do instagram now (with all the changes they’ve been rolling and whatnot). Follow me if you want to see me at my all-time-low lmao (it’s duaneyjay)
  • TROYE SIVAN’S TALK ME DOWN my favorite jam!


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