Meanwhile on Life.

June 26, 2016
  • Been running a whole lot lately. I have to say that I’m slowly enjoying it! I just wish the “dying feeling” after doesn’t come with it. Just endorphins. No pain… but that’s not what life is all about haha!
  • It doesn’t even matter if I’m tired from working an 8-hr shift or not, if the sun is up, we will go.
  • Also, I’ve been eating healthier now. Something about the summer heat is inspiring me to do more and to do better.
  • Really loving the people I’m surrounded with more and more. I’m at a point in my life where I reserve no room for people who are negative and just all around bitter about life in general. I’m surrounded with people who are bold, inspiring, genuine, loving, creative and uplifting.
  • Last night, after working a closing shift, my brother texted me that I will be a part of a short film that we will be shooting right after I get off work. I was like, “okay…”
  • It turns out, that not only my part isn’t a small one, it was also a fun one to play! My brother’s close friend makes short films and he decided we should all be a part of his new one. I had a blast and everyone was just so freaking cool. I cannot wait to see how it turns out!
  • It lasted hours to make, so thank God I didn’t have to work today and I was able to sleep in!
  • One of my highlights last week was when my mom came home from work with a pair of Pineapple-printed Chuck Taylors just for me! It’s so random and so sweet! Just like my mama.

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