Must-haves for Life.

November 12, 2015

Because clearly, I don’t know how to prioritize grown-up things that I’m listing the things that I want to purchase… at least I have the self-control though, so instead of going out there and splurging, I’m just gonna list them and cross them off one by one HAH.

  1. I used to have a mustard Herschel Americana backpack, but I decided to give it to my cousin when I visited the Philippines. I thought about how unnecessarily huge it is compared to my small frame and how I’m never gonna need a bag that huge again since I’m already finished with school. So, I found an alternative! I saw this Kånken backpack worn by one of our clients. I think the client had it in red or pink (?) I don’t know. All I knew was that I had to remember the name of the backpack because it’s so unique and so cute that I just have to have it for my own. Of course I will be getting another mustard one.
  2. Kate Spade sequin collar dress. What’s better than combining my love for Kate Spade and my admiration for the fashion of Mz. Wednesday Addams? Uhm, none.
  3. Rose Gold Keds? because it’s a necessity! I have the glittered black one already and my goodness, it’s the best accessory in the world! It’s very comfortable and very stylish! I love that it dresses up my casual shirt and jeans and how it amplifies my already-formal dresses? Oh, and who am I kidding? I’m not only planning on getting the rose gold one… I’m also planning on buying the gold and silver ones. I know, I have a problem.
  4. DKNY hooded parka? Why? Because I live in Michigan. Plus, I think I’m ready to just be warm and snug inside a parka vs. any fashion-y pea coats that I’ve owned.
  5.  I’m seriously buying this agenda tomorrow. How perfect is it? I’ll link it so you can see why!
  6. Reformation’s NASA tee? The most perfect shirt ever. Just look at it and marvel at its wittiness.
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