My philosophy in life is:

March 29, 2013

As long as it makes you happy,
As long as it changes you for the better,
And as long as it is causing no harm to others
As well as to yourself,
Fucking do it.

That’s just my thought. I mean, to be completely happy doesn’t mean that you, yourself is a hundred percent happy. You couldn’t be super happy if you’re hurting others with your own pursuit. You know how they say, fuck the world, do what makes you happy? No. Fucking neglecting others whilst you bask in the awesomeness of your happiness is shallow and selfish. Tell me, how does selfishness equate to real happiness? Happiness is hard to find because, let’s be real… there’s about a ton of things to be considered before you reach your highest point.

But then again, people have different mindset and behavior and issues so, it’s really hard to grasp the concept of true happiness. How I view it is purely based on my own perspective…

This is just my POV.

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