My tuesday is filled with Stats stuff.

October 16, 2012

Can you say Stats stuff sans stuttering? Try “Statistics stuff sans stuttering.” It’s hard, right? Well to me it is haha.

  • Yesterday, I tried Peet’s coffee. So. Strong. and So. Good.
  • I’m finally making progress. I have to thank Professor Thompson for making Psych stats easier for me to comprehend. She’s an angel personified. Seriously.
  • I woke up really early and had a heavy breakfast today, you guise!
  • 9am and I had left-over pasta and hamburger and a glass of sweet tea. It’s not breakfast food, but it’s more than alright with me. :p
  • Started on my laundry.
  • Mumford and Sons on Spotify. I seriously love the Sigh No More album. I think it’s their best one. 
  • Stats stuff for the rest of the day until I go to work the closing shift.
  • Yesterday, I also trained the newest member of our L&T crew, Nilda. Here’s how Aaron introduced me to Nilda, This is Duane, she’s our model employee, she’s one of the best. She gives out good information and I trust that you will learn a lot from her and she’ll be training you today. Naturally, I blushed so bad [I’m not really good at taking heavy-weighted compliments] if that wasn’t the best thing I’ve heard in weeks, then I don’t know what is. To think that your boss thinks highly of you and is very vocal about it is mind-blowing.

So yea, life is great. 😉

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