My week in bullets.

May 11, 2013

I’ve been really slacking on my blogging as of late. I thought getting a week off from work would totally inspire me to fill my blog with thoughts and just you know… sensible posts! As it turns out, all I’ve been doing all week was nap, do dance central, kinect sports and take walks! I also thought that I’d be reading a lot during the week, but no. I’ve been just really active and out there!

So okay, here’s the lowdown of my M through F.


  • Was the Day one of my Dance Central thingy majiggy. Who knew Drop it Like It’s Hot is difficult to dance??!!


  • Watched the Season Finale of Hart of Dixie. I’m pretty pissed that I have to wait months before I can get to watch it again.
  • Day three of Dance Central and mastered Lady GaGa songs.
  • Did a bit of an ab work. PAINFUL.


  • Mommy’s birthday!
  • Dance Central and Kinect Sports!
  • Got picked up by D to pick up some flowers and balloons for mom to do our annual EMBARRASS MOMMIO AT WORK ON HER BIRTHDAY.
  • D and I definitely stole the scene and sang Happy Birthday and handed mommy her flowers and balloons to let everyone know that it’s her birthday.
  • Afterwards, D and I went to the mall and looked for some white shoes.
  • Then we all went to Bravo! Cucina Italiana to treat mom on a dinner. All of us paid but mom! It felt great! We also told the waiter that it’s our mommy’s birthday so the staff prepared something special for her. Also, we had Crème brûlée for dessert.
  • Suffice to say, my mother had a great time.


  • Mommy woke us all up bright and early and went for a walk at the Wisner stadium. 
  • After 10 laps, we could say that we felt really accomplished.
  • And then midnight run to ColdStone creamery to get some ice cream fix lolol.


  • Same thing, mom woke us up to go for a run.
  • Errands. Went to the Asian store to pick up some necessities. AKA Lychee juice, patis and coconut milk.
  • Took a four-hour nap. YEAAAMAAAN.

So, uneventful as it may seem (except my mother’s birthday), this is how my week went. My dear readers, you missed out on nothing. My life is still pretty boring and excuse my language, STILL PRETTY MUTHAFUCKIN’ AWESOME.

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