April 10, 2016

I guess it’s proper that I have to extra-celebrate my brothers and boo-boo (he’s my mom’s son, too?) because social media gods told me so. Honestly, I don’t really need a made-up holiday to celebrate and appreciate the things that my brothers have done (and confidently enough, will do) for me. I guess, I just need to write a few things about them for the hell of it.

I have always been that “one and only girl” and I have to admit that hard as I try to mask it, I revel, I take advantage and celebrate the title. One, because it’s great to have two amazing brothers to catch me whenever I fall and it’s also great to have two “ugly and dumb” brethren to mess with. Second, I like the fact that I grew up strong and rough because of them, and at the same time, I grew up comfortable embracing my feelings and the variety of my extraordinary emotions. Third, try as I might to deny, I like the fact that I have two protectors.

We weren’t close when we were younger (who was?!), we mocked and disliked one another… to the point where I was legitimately afraid of our future as adults. But, here we are, closer than we’ve ever been, backing each other up like it’s nobody’s business. We are each and everyone’s number one supporters through every fight (you know, jiu-jitsu competition-wise), every failed attempts, every victory, sadness, heartbreak, promotion, what-have-you. I’m so darn grateful and proud of the person they’ve become and I’m always gonna root for them, just like how they will always be rooting for me. Love them most.

As for my boo-boo bear? There really are no words to express how grateful my family is to have him in our lives. It’s only now that I understand the people I used to make fun of (people who like to think and act as if they’re dogs are human), because we are proudly one of the statistics. This boo-boo of ours helped my mom cope through menopause (lol) and helped us survived my mom’s menopause-induced series of unnecessary wraths hahahah! He saved us in more ways than one. He is the most innocent, loving, gentle and kindest living creature I know. And the most capable of unconditional love (well aside from my mother, of course). My only wish in life is for him to always be healthy, mischievous and full of zest. Love you boo-boo~

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