Of gossips and profanities.

June 18, 2013

I’m just so glad that I was able to catch with P after what seemed like an eternity of friendship sabbatical (is there such a thing?). School and work combined made it impossible for me to keep up with friends outside of work. I have to admit that while inevitable, it is still sad that some friends of mine and I are slowly but surely growing apart.
But whatever, P and I reconnected and I realized a ton of things whilst we were hanging.

One of the many is that we still hate the same things. Hahaa~ We shopped , window-shopped and ate out afterwards. We caught up on school shit, Highschool shit, and boys shit. I’m so glad though that P gave me a sound advice on my boy(s) situation. I’m really appreciative of that.

So now that school is currently out, I’m hoping that we could do more things and whatnot this summer.

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