Oh man. The 23rd of February sho was a hit!

February 26, 2013

I just wanna write on here that Saturday, Feb. 23rd was by far one of the best, happiest days of my life. I’m beyond happy because I got to witness one of my good friends marry the man of her dreams. Also, that I got to spend a total of nine hours with the best people you will ever meet in life.

  • 1:45pm everyone met up at my house. Court-court and Kaitlyn parked their cars on my driveway and then we carpooled with Chrissy. The trip from my house to Lapeer, MI took a good hour or so. Of course it won’t be the car ride of the century sans good tunes and obnoxious singing and laughter.
  • Oh My Gosh. Lapeer, was a farm town in real life status lol.
  • We stopped by Mc Donald’s because Kaitlyn didn’t have lunch. Of course, stopping by Mickey D’s and not order at least a fry, won’t fly with me. We all got some food. Regardless.
  • Then we almost got lost whilst trying to find the chapel. Thankfully, we found our way and got there just in the nick of time.
  • The ceremony was really beautiful and full of emotions. I swore all four of us cried with Chelsea while she was saying her vows. We were a mess.
  • Then after the wedding, we had two hours to kill before the the reception started.
  • We all decided, that there isn’t a better place other than Starbucks to kill time and bond. We all got our drinks and chatted the two hours away. Occasionally documenting our precious moments through pictures.
  • Best company to have. Hands down. WE DIDN’T GET SICK OF EACH OTHER, WE DIDN’T EVEN GET BORED.
  • And like I said, I didn’t roll my eyes the whole day. That’s a record.
  • Reception was the best part. That is where we met up with the rest of the L&T crew. Bosses and all. 
  • Do I even have to write it on here that my dress was the talk of the work place? Because really, who else would totally attend a wedding bra-less in a backless dress? Creditz to my mom. I thought it was gonna look inappropriate for the occasion, but the cut wasn’t too low, and of course I’d like to believe that I carried it well enough. ; )
  • Obviously, we had to dance the cupid shuffle with our boss lol and!! Macarena!
  • My manager pulled me and told me that she didn’t know that I could dance. Well, I guess, that’s not a mystery no mo’ lol.
  • I could sit here and write forever about the wonderful time I had with my good people, but it has to stop, my obsession for reminiscing a fun-filled weekend has to end at some point.
  • And on our way home though, we had mad singing sesh to Ke$ha, Rihanna, Journey, Demi Lovato and many mo’.
  • I could’ve sworn I wanted to cry when we were approaching my house. Because it meant one thing and one thing only… we’re all going our separate ways. : (
  • But! I’m glad that I have that memory and pictures to keep with me to remind me of that one Saturday night I spent with my good buddies.
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