Oh that Friday sho was a great day!

April 6, 2013
  • Woke up.
  • My brother brought me breakfast from Bob Evans (!!!!). He got me 4 pieces of sausage links, two over-medium eggs and!! potatoes and toasts. He knows me too well. In a Duaney fashion, I did devour the food in fifteen minutes.
  • Drove down to Troy with Drew to pick up moms from work.
  • Then I got ready to go to work.
  • Had one of the best work days eva. All my favesies worked. Everyone.
  • Bro-bros picked me up. Drazen gave me his banana smoothie and then treated me to Qdoba (Chips and Guac!!!)
  • Then we watched The Avengers.
  • Finally, capping the night Jimmy Fallon with my loves Anderson Cooper as one of the guests.


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