On having a great Sunday.

May 6, 2013

Literally woke up at 8 am and legit asked myself, “Ugh, do I fuckin’ work today?” And answered, “Coz I really really wish I don’t.” And then I realized that Sunday is the beginning of my paid week-off from work! BAZZZZZING!!

Anyways, much as I hate getting up early, I hauled my ass to the kitchen with the intentions of making a mean pot of coffee only to find out that my dear mother already got the coffee maker running. Basically, all I had to do was inhale the goodness. Then we all got dressed and went to church. Afterwards, we had a big lunch at Ocean City Chinese resto down at Waterford.

THEN, I went home, took an hour and forty-five minute nap, took a shower, got dressed and met up with the rest of the group to see Iron Man 3. Now, I wasn’t really sure what was lacking in the movie, prolly the fact that there wasn’t a touch of Favreau… I don’t know, I think I really would rather have Jon Favreau direct the movie tho. And! The fact that Justin Theroux didn’t write the screenplay made the film a little bit so-so. I mean, it doesn’t matter lol. What do I know? But yea, now as I marinate on it, I think it was a pretty good movie though I’d have to say that it’s not Iron Man without AC/DC. Also, my brothers said that they did The Mandarin’s character wrong… I don’t really know much about the comics, but I have to agree that it was pretty goofed-up. Then after the movie we hit up the bar and had some drinks.

And now I’m just  blogging and editing pictures for my instagram with Blind Pilot’s Three Rounds and A Sound on repeat.

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