Psychology student problems.

March 19, 2013

I need to stop diagnosing every single person I meet and remind myself that I am not in any way licensed to do so.

I can’t help it, I can’t help that the human behavior interests me so much that I even question my own sanity at times.

The thing about studying Psychology is that, more often than not, you get frustrated (I’m speaking for myself here). Frustrated because instead of becoming upset at the person, instead of wanting to yell the fuck out of them so you could release your steam, you couldn’t because you start to feel sorry for them. For acting in a way they were not supposed to… AKA STUPID. Instead of swearing them to the high heavens, you pause and take in consideration the kind of childhood that person had. While not all psych students stop and marinate, I’d like to ¬†believe that most of us do. And it’s frustrating sometimes because you want to be ignorant to that knowledge and just express yourself.

Because really, almost everything about a person right now says a lot about the kind of childhood they had.

Like today, I diagnosed a guy with Schizophrenia while I was checking out my groceries. God help me.

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