May 11, 2013

really loving this gigantic purse that my mommy got me! First, it’s a cross-body purse which is really the best kind of purse in my book. It’s so much easier to navigate the world with them vs. hand bags and shoulder bags. I never really get the logic of hand bags in the first place. I’ve always been a cross-body purse person. Second, I could finally fit my book, my planner, my wallet and all my thingy majiggies. AND MY GIGANTIC RED HEADPHONES! ANDDD! I love that it’s boho, very Indian-y and could go well with almost all my outfits.

The only thing I got to figure out is how to organize. You know how it is about big purses… you just stuff random things in it. So I have to look for little containers for my miscellaneous so I could always easily find them. Miscellaneous being my lipstick tubes and bottles of hand sanitizer (as you can tell, I already have one attached to my shoulder strap. If you know me, you wouldn’t be too surprised to find another bottle of sanitizer inside my purse… because you can’t have just one bottle. This world is very germ-y).

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