Remember that time when I sprayed my perfume inside my mouth? (accidentally, of course)

April 11, 2013

Yea, that was two days ago. It did not taste good btw.

So I told myself that I’m going to be spending the whole day writing my Case Study (one that is due this Friday), but instead I found myself lounging around with my bro-bro watching Avengers (for the nth time now) and taking a nap with my mommio. I even had my phone alarm at 6pm so I could start it at that time. Anyways, I woke up at 7:14 (lol) and heated up leftovers coz girl got hungry LOL

Right now it’s 8:30 and I’m tumblring my life away. SUPRISED? The thing about me is that even if I was given a month to construct/compose a material, I will wait until last two days or even the night before it’s due to get started. I could never get myself to start working on something a month ahead of time. I don’t know why (unless prof assigned 50 pages, then I would probably get my butt up and running, coz I don’t know where to go for me to be able to pull that magic in two days) lol.  You gotta be realistic too! LOL

Even if I haven’t written anything sensical these days, even if I’m already done with all my writing class GEN EDS and EVEN IF I feel like I don’t enjoy writing as much as I used to, writing is still and will always be a part of my heart. It’s one of the few things I know I can and be pretty decent at it (when I want to). Maybe it’s one of the reasons as to why I’m not afraid to push my boundaries (aka write my paper one to two days before it’s due lol) because I’m always confident that I will come up with something. I believe in myself, I believe in what I can do. I may lack a little conviction every now and then,  but I’m sure as hell that I could convince myself that I’m doing something right.

In general, It’s not about arrogance, it’s not about being conceited… it’s about surviving. Because when I stumble and fall, the only person that is consistently there is myself. I brush the dirt off my skin and I lick my own wounds. If I don’t believe in myself, then what’s gonna become of me?

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