Rough day today!

February 16, 2013
  • Forgot to tell the barista that I wanted Soy milk for my Café Latté.
  • Racial and Ethnic Relations exam.
  • Skipped Health Psych to finish my paper for AB Psych.
  • My printer card malfunctioned.
  • Almost lost my debit card.
  • I swear I wanted to kiss whoever turned it in to the Library people!
  • Finally able to print my paper.
  • Went to Ab Psych class only to find out that they had a short class. Meaning, prof already left.
  • Walked what seemed like a mile to the Psych dept.
  • Uggs weren’t made for long walks.
  • The skin on my foot…. never mind. It’s too gross.


  • Still, I got my Starbucks.
  • My hair looked great.
  • Somebody turned in my debit card 0: )
  • Had great laughs with my brother.
  • French fries!
  • Felt all kinds of love at work. I haven’t seen my managers Kelly and Fatima in so long! I especially loved it when I saw Kelly’s arms open wide. Because she doesn’t really do that to everyone. I think only me and a couple of people ;“)
  • I have a week-off from school. Hello Winter break.
  • Great dinner c/o of my mommio.
  • Westlife, Backstreet Boys and One Direction on my personalized Spotify station.
  • Thinking of finally watching The Bridesmaids.
  • I think I deserve to relax. Yea, I deserve it.
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