Santa said I’ve been good this year.

December 25, 2015


  1. New perfume from mommy.
  2. Essie nail polishes and Sephora lip gloss from one of my co-workers.
  3. Star Wars coloring book and a Kylo Ren bobble head from Drazen.
  4. Too Faced melted lipsticks and blush from Drew.
  5. A hand-written letter from my ate Timmie.
  6. Target gift card from my boss. Also, she had beautiful flowers delivered to our house. How cool is that?!
  7. Blanket scarf and warm fuzzy slippers from our assistant manager (not pictured, because I’m currently using!).
  8. Caramel Apple wine from one of my co-supervisors.
    And, last but not the least…
  9. The absolute best mother, best two brothers, best doggy, best co-workers, best friends, and best bosses from my amazingly great God.

Hope your christmas is as fruitful and joyous like mine. Merry christmas, friend 🙂

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