November 25, 2012
  • Got up bright and early.
  • Lounged around, cranked my Spotify oldies playlist.
  • Breakfast! 9-grain and Turkey left over from Tropical Smoothie.
  • Decided to vacuum my room and changed the sheets.
  • Went over some e-mails.
  • Showered.
  • Had lunch.
  • Got ready for work.
  • Work.
  • As per usual, bananas as bananas can be.
  • Truth to tell, I don’t know how else we would all survive without each other.
  • Had to bail on Tiara’s party. My body just couldn’t handle it anymore.
  • Made the closing announcements. And my boss said, “Just so you know, you are my favorite announcement person.” One of my co-workers also said that I should be a radio jock. I don’t know…. hmmm?
  • Dinner and then SNL rerun.
  • Mystery Diners marathon until I passed out.

CURRENTLY: It’s Sunday morning, still in bed, refusing to get up. It’s SNOWWIIIIINGGGG!

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