Shower music.

February 20, 2013

One thing you must know about me is that I always hook my iPod to my speakers and jam to it whilst I shower. Here are my BAÑO MUSIC.

  • Oh Sherrie by Steve Perry
  • The Best of Times by Styx
  • The Way it Was by The Killers
  • Rich Girl by Hall & Oates
  • Private Eyes by Hall & Oates
  • Always by Bon Jovi
  • Desert Moon by Dennis DeYoung
  • Back to December by Taylor Swift
  • Here by HelloGoodbye
  • I Dreamed a Dream by Anne Hathaway (Les Mis)
  • Love on Top by Beyonce
  • Too Much Love Will Kill You by Queen

You noticed most of them have high notes? Coz the bathroom is the only place that can accomodate me when I take advantage of my vocal abilities.

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