Shut the fuck up and say thank you.

June 29, 2013

We people, sometimes are guilty of being primadonnas. We ask for too much. We love to enumerate the things that we don’t have and by some odd reason, we just love to complain and complain. We tend to forget about the littlest things that does the biggest.

Some people would die to just be able to take one step, some people would just love to be able to dance again, or have a luxurious bath without anyone hovering and helping them, some people cannot even stand up and reach the remote control… some people cannot just eat any type of food… some people would give anything to be able to ride a bike, type a few words, dress themselves without help… some people would love to be able to see…

If you could perform everything that I mentioned above, then you have no excuse to be sad, to complain about not getting the job, a girlfriend cheating, a mother nagging, things not going YOUR way, and whatnot. You are too damn blessed. You may not have millions of dollars, or a love life, but you do have the simple pleasure of being able to do things on your own. That in itself, is fucking priceless.

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