April 26, 2013

So life has been crazy busy lately (seriously, all I ever write about is how busy my life is). Not that I’m complaining coz I’m actually loving it. It’s just that I’m statin’ a muthafuckin’ fact.

Winter 2k13 has been oh so good to me. Meaning it marks the end of the great drout of my academic career. DUANE IS BACK BITCHES. I have been totally slacking slash distracted the past few semesters and just focusing on my studies wasn’t exactly my number one priority. So this semester, it has changed. I’m glad about the turnout. I’m really pleased because I kind of reminded myself of what I’m really capable of if my heart’s in it. I’m fuckin’ untouchable. I just have to keep reminding myself that every time people try to put me down. 

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