Some of last week’s snaps.

April 17, 2016


I just feel like the past week have gone by so fast that I couldn’t even keep up with snapchat! I wasn’t able to save some of my snaps!! Not that I do anything eventful all the time, but I just like to keep some of my snapchats!

Life last week has been all about work-work-work. I feel like I’m getting old because I’m not able stay up all night (and then wake up early) like I used to. Back in college (speaking as if I’m 40 already), I had no troubles doing that… I guess I’m really maturing and that I finally (?) have my priorities in check. I’m pretty confident also that little by little, I’m also finding my balance in life… where to pour more of myself and when to pour less. It’s going great so far! Anyways, I’m so thankful that it’s finally warming up here in the mitten! Today it was playing between 60 degrees F to 70 and the sun was shining bright! Love this time of the year hence, I was finally able to bust out my summer dresses!


What a time to be alive.

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