Still Here yo.

December 22, 2015

Heyyyyyy it’s been forever!

I haven’t been in the neighborhood (of what?) as of late and I can never stress enough how sad I am about this whole neglect thing. I keep telling myself over and over about how I’m gonna do better next time (ya know, maintaining a home here in the interwebz) and still, over and over, I keep failing. So, let me roll the red carpet of silly resolutions (insert 2016 here).

I will try my hardest to fill this with tons of memories and thoughts (that’s safe for consumption, of course) and silliness and random things. I really will. Heck, I was able to two-time my studies with blogging in my college years, so it should be a cakewalk now! I know… it doesn’t make any sense… maybe I’m just growing up now and priorities are slowly but surely changing, but I just really want to keep this up. For myself.

You can tell how evolved I’ve become because I didn’t come running to social media to post a picture of my new hurrrr and highlights right when I got em done. (lol)

Anyways, here’s me hoping that I keep on keeping on with this!


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