Straight Raging on a Saturday.

August 6, 2016
  • Watched some good ole Olympic games because that’s what adults do.
  • Cooked myself a mean pot of instant Mac n’ Cheese because it defeats my whole philosophy on what Mac n’ Cheese should taste like. (Im really desperate)
  • Continue reading The Goldfinch. I haven’t read a book in a while, so this should be an interesting activity.
  • Listening to The Killers’ Direct Hits album on Spotify.
  • Well now, I’m listening to Pretty Wings by Maxwell, but I’m pretty sure I’ll come back to listening to the Killers in a lil while.
  • Spent an hour going crazy looking for my laptop charger. Like I dug through the trash crazy! (I’ve been known to throw stuff away sometimes without my knowledge) Newsflash: it was buried in my clothes.
  • Played with my camera. Desperately needing a new profile pic.
  • Thinking of convincing my older brother to go to downtown Pontiac with me to catch Pokemon.

Sounds alright.

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