Taking Stock Vol. 9

May 12, 2016

Drinking : Lemon water
Reading : Journal prompts for this blog!
Wanting : a homemade marshmallow just because I just watched Ina Garten make one.
Enjoying : the week off I have from work!  I’ve been off since Sunday and I promised myself that I will be doing absolutely nothing for the entire week other than sleep in, not worry about what outfits to prepare and whatnot, binge watch TV shows that I missed out on (like Parks & Recreation).
Listening : to someone mowing the lawn.
Liking : the weather right now. Please, Michigan. Stay this way.
Loving : the productive day we had. Brother and I drove to Canterbury Village to grab some Cider and Donuts and to walk Wolfgang around. We hung around outside for hours, chatting our lives away whilst basking in the sun.
Watching : Age of Adaline.
Needing : a tall glass of chocolate milkshake from Oberweis.
Smelling : my newly-bathed Wolfgang! He crawled and sniffed and rolled and ran around Canterbury so naturally, I had to give him a bath right after.
Wearing : a large shirt and basketball shorts.
Thinking : continuing on binge-watching Parks & Rec.
Feeling : extra happy about life these days. 🙂

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